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Come, Holy Spirit

This is just a hint of what my afternoon was like: I was invited to participate in an ordination today with our Sudanese sister congregations. The service was full of music–from groups from several congregations and sung in at least … Continue reading

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Nuer/Nuur and my sisters, Mary and Martha

Just in case you ever wonder, my little sister is amazing.  She kayaks over waterfalls and climbed Manchu Picchu over the summer.  We’re almost twelve years apart, but, as she grows up, it is more and more fun to hang … Continue reading

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There’s always room for one more…

I haven’t managed to capture any photos yet, but one of the thing that absolutely blows my mind/amazes/terrifies me is the way that people will pile on motor scooters here.  The other day, I saw four young men all lined … Continue reading

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Finding hope amidst honking horns and dirty feet

On most days, by the end of the day, I have sweat running down both my forehead and my back.  My feet are black from the dust and dirt.  I am so tired I want to go to bed at … Continue reading

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Welcome to Egypt: At Banquet Tables and Under Tattered Umbrellas

“Welcome to Egypt!”  We hear it a lot these days.  Many people, who don’t speak much English, know this phrase.  And seeing as I am obviously not from anywhere near Cairo, I get it a lot.  From people at church, … Continue reading

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31 signs of light

On the day Justin and I were scheduled to leave, things were not good in Cairo.  There was a massive amount of violence; many people were killed, and many more injured in bloody exchanges.  We wondered if we would even … Continue reading

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Those dog people…and other small steps

Well, we made it.  Overall, the trip was easy.  Before we left, I was super nervous about bringing Tenney.  Though I had read and re-read regulations, talked to the airline several times, and Justin had talked to the Consulate I … Continue reading

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Inshallah, Be Not Afraid, and Always Being Made New

There’s a word in Arabic that is used a lot.  Inshallah.  Insha’Allah.  God willing.  Sometimes it’s almost funny how it’s used.  In some cases, it’s used when someone doesn’t want to say no.  In others, it’s used as a genuine … Continue reading

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When we returned from our visit to Cairo at the beginning of June, people asked what it was like.  “It’s loud, and dirty, and crowded, and amazing” was my reply.  It is.  Loud, and dirty, and there are people everywhere, … Continue reading

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